Artius Capital Partners

Partner of Choice
for Growth Capital

We are passionate about growth.
We bring proven leaders, operational expertise and flexible capital together to empower our partner companies to thrive in the digital economy.

Artius Capital partners with proven entrepreneurs and transformative growth companies to capture new markets or disrupt existing markets. By helping to strategically accelerate our partner companies’ growth, we can create exceptional value for our private family and institutional investors.

Our goal is to identify and partner with transformative businesses that have disruptive potential, helping them grow and scale up to become world leaders. We do this by serving as true partners and leveraging our flexible and long-term capital, expert knowledge and operational expertise. We are growth specialists, focusing our investments in the technology, financial services and healthcare sectors.


Partnering with Proven Entrepreneurs and Leadership Teams

At Artius Capital, we partner with industry leaders who share our passion for innovation, technology and growth. We actively network and create partnerships with entrepreneurs and proven leadership teams. Our investment process starts by building a strong investment thesis, partnering with a proven leader to pursue a platform acquisition, and providing flexible and patient capital to strong incumbent leadership teams to accelerate their companies’ growth or allow them to execute transformational transactions to consolidate their industry. We believe that, by partnering with proven leaders, we gain an expert advantage in the sourcing and acquisition process. Through the reputation of these leaders, we are also better to be able to recruit the best talent in their industries, positioning Artius Capital to be a preferred partner.


Investing in Innovative Companies with Dynamic Growth

Artius Capital seeks to identify investment themes that are driven by macro trends that are transforming the world and supported by long-term secular growth. We identify innovative companies with sound business models and organic growth, which we can help accelerate in expansion and growth of scale. Our ideal partner company has a strong leadership team, leading market position, a competitively advantaged business model, proprietary and disruptive technologies, and the potential for significant value creation.

Since we have operating and investment experience spanning multiple decades, we have developed expert insights and a deep network of relationships with entrepreneurs, operating executives, experts, investors and advisors that can help us identify proprietary or unique investment opportunities that are not generally available to non-specialist investment firms. As our goal for our partner companies is growth, we tend to deploy conservative capital structures to aggressively drive transformational initiatives and innovations.


Value Creation through Operating Excellence

We work collaboratively with leadership teams to accelerate their company’s expansion and scale. A hallmark of Artius Capital is our commitment to provide our partner companies with access to a dedicated operating team that includes CEOs and senior operating professionals from some of the most successful companies in the world. Our operating and investment teams work closely and seamlessly with our partner companies to deliver new and transformative initiatives, whether through organic growth that includes the introduction of new products or services or entry into new markets, or as a result of transactions with third parties, including strategic alliances or acquisitions of companies or technologies.

Our operating team also works closely with Artius Capital’s investment professionals in building investment theses, recruiting business leaders, assisting in the due diligence and evaluation of prospective investment opportunities, offering expert knowledge of a sub-sector, and identifying value creation opportunities. Artius believes value creation through operational excellence is the key to delivering superior long-term returns to our private and institutional investors.